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A tale of two filmmakers (Part 1)

On a bright summer morning, some years ago, two filmmakers graduated from film school.

They were both equally skilled, smart, and driven.

Both were resourceful, and they’d spent their school years building up networks.

And both were plenty ambitious. They had big dreams of making their livings writing and directing feature films.

On paper, both had a solid shot at “making it.”

But one of them had something the other didn’t. A different strategy.


Let’s cut to five years later.

One of those filmmakers now works a day job in marketing.

They still make little short films on the weekends, and they’re planning a feature for some point in the future.

Sure, they think their feature will be their “big break.”

But truth be told, they’re not going to be making a living from their films any time soon. If ever.

The other filmmaker though, that’s a different story.

They’ve been running a successful production company for several years, and have already produced a small feature, which was profitable enough to fund a new feature in development.

In other words, they’re not only making a full time living as a filmmaker, but the sky is the limit for where their career could go.

You’re probably asking yourself, what strategy could possibly make this much difference?

How can one of them be so successful, while the other one has essentially gotten nowhere?

If you’re curious about the answers to those questions, continue to the next page.