Filmmaker Freedom
Filmmaker Freedom
Artistic and financial freedom for indie filmmakers

FilmTribe Helps Filmmakers Connect, Collaborate, & Grow Their Networks

Just imagine being able to zoom in on a map of your town and see nearby filmmakers. How cool would that be?

Now imagine being able to search specifically for editors, producers, writers, or anything else. Imagine being able to check out people’s portfolios, and then contact them directly through email or social.

Well, that’s exactly what FilmTribe does, and you get access to it right now, for free!

FilmTribe Is Free of Charge

Here’s the deal. I made FilmTribe one of those “pay what you want” products. I want as many people as humanly possible to sign up because it will only become more useful the bigger it gets. But it also costs me money each month to keep it running.

So, if you think this is super cool and useful, it’d be amazing if you could chip in a few bucks so that I can keep this thing alive and maybe even go buy a breakfast burrito. Man I love breakfast burritos…

Anyhow, click the big fancy button below to sign yourself up for the tribe. I can't wait to see you inside.

-Robert Hardy

If you're already a member, you can sign in here.