Filmmaker Freedom
Filmmaker Freedom
Artistic and financial freedom for indie filmmakers

Filmmaker Freedom is a new kind of filmmaking website for a new generation of filmmakers.

It exists for one specific reason:


To Help Filmmakers Craft Work They're Proud Of, & Find Success in a Constantly Changing World

Things you'll never read about here:

  • The latest cameras, lenses, support gear, etc.

  • Massive Hollywood directors and movies

  • "Hacks" for making your footage more "cinematic"

  • Politics

Instead, you'll find in-depth articles about:

  • Conquering the psychological forces that hold us back in our careers

  • Making films that you're genuinely proud to share with the world

  • Building an audience of true fans, and earning your living from them

  • Bypassing the traditional film business, and forging your own path

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And just in case you're curious, here are few of the best articles I've published in the past year.

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So, Who's In Charge Here?

That would be Robert Hardy.

Rob is a filmmaker and writer who lives in Tucson, Arizona. He runs this site singlehandedly, and loves every second of it.

Rob originally founded Filmmaker Freedom out of frustration. After several years of writing for a popular filmmaking blog, he realized there needed to be something better — an educational resource that focused on the things that actually matter, rather than the trivial, clickbaity nonsense that clogs our collective newsfeeds.


Rob looks kind of like this, minus the fake mustache.


He is not available to help you solve crimes.

Each week, Rob sends out the single best filmmaking newsletter on the face of planet earth.

That probably sounds pretty hyperbolic, but Rob spends many hours a week scouring the web for useful filmmaking stories, tutorials, short films, and anything else that might help you towards your filmmaking goals. And then he compiles all of that good stuff into handy weekly email that goes out bright and early every Sunday morning.

Seriously, this thing is subscribed to and loved by thousands of filmmakers around the world. Why aren't you one of them?

Other Fun Things You Should Know About Filmmaker Freedom

Alright, now you know everything you need to know about Filmmaker Freedom. It's time for you to go forth and dive into the backlog of articles on this site.

I hope they serve you well and help you along your filmmaking journey.

Here's to your success,

-Robert Hardy