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Filmmaker Freedom
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You've just stumbled on a secret page with a chance to sign up early for the Filmmaker's Guide to Success!


Yep, you my friend have stumbled on a secret page (please don't share it with anyone) with early access to the Filmmaker's Guide to Success 2.0, and your chance to snag one of only ten spots where I'm offering free 1-on-1 coaching.

So, if you're interested and want to grab one of these spots before anyone else, here's the deal.

The price for this course is $249, which is a drop in the bucket compared to the financial return you'll get from a successful career. Just imagine the satisfaction you'll feel when you're doing work you love and making a living from it.

And when you throw in four free coaching sessions (which I plan to sell for $200 apiece in the future) and unlimited access to me in the chat community, the deal just gets even sweeter.

While I don't have a full sales page with all the info yet, here's a brief overview of what you get.

The four insanely useful things you'll be able to do once this course is over:

  1. Come up with a personal definition of filmmaking success that lights you up and helps you do what you love without compromise.
  2. Find the most important work for achieving that definition of success, using strategic research and the power of mentorship.
  3. Build a rock-solid daily routine so you can make consistent and meaningful progress towards whatever you want.
  4. Set and achieve ambitious goals that help you make big leaps forward in your film career. 

If that sounds good to you, here's a big fancy button that will let you sign up right now!

What you should know about the course itself

  • You'll get one in-depth lesson per day (in video, audio, and text formats), that'll give you all of the knowledge you need in order to succeed in cutthroat world of film.
  • The format of the course actually helps you build a daily routine around the important work that propels careers forward. This isn't a course where you just passively learn things. It's a course where you actively do things!
  • You'll get access to my private chat community, where I'll be coaching you through the process, and you'll also get to hang with ambitious filmmakers just like yourself.

Oh, and just a quick note. The course itself doesn't start until Monday, October 2nd. I'm going to be out of town and disconnected for the second half of September, so I don't want the course to start until I'm around to provide support and whatnot.

Anyhow, if that sounds good to you, here's another magical button to make it happen.

The best money-back guarantee on all of planet earth

Last, I realize this page is pretty sparse, and might not have enough information for you. So if this makes you uncomfortable for any reason, just know that I have the single best refund policy on the entire internet. Maybe in the entire universe.

You have a full year to test out this course, get coaching from me, go through the course again, and put all of this knowledge to use. One. Full. Year.

And if you don't dig it after a year, you'll not only get your money back, but you'll even be able to keep your access to the course. It's an insane guarantee, and it opens me up to be taken advantage of, but I put my heart and soul (and years of research) into this course, and I stand by it 100%.

So that's all I've got for now. If you're interested, here's one more magic button for you :)

Here's to your future success,

-Rob Hardy